Business Relocation Guide

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Minimising the impact on your customers when you relocate is paramount. Our handy step by step guild makes sure your relocation goes smoothly without interruption.

Where are you going and what is available?

Check the infrastructure - When you have decided on a new premises you need to check the local infrastructure (ie: the types of phone lines or internet connectivity in the suburb/area) to make sure it is sufficient for the type of phone system you have, the number of lines you need and the features you want.

Number diversion - If you are moving outside your Telephone Exchange area, new numbers are likely to be needed so diversions of existing phone numbers will be required as many business collateral (eg: business cards, emails, letters) have been sent out previously with the original phone number. It could at this stage be worth considering a 13, 1300, 1800 or phone word so that this never becomes an issue in the future.  

How we help - We can check the new location's infrastructure in advance and assist you with the move or securing new numbers and setting up the diversions so no business opportunities are lost.

The time taken to order new services and move existing ones

The first action in the relocation process is ordering new services (if required) or relocating existing services (if possible). Lead times from Telstra are not flexible and can take up to 6 week for some services. This is the amount of time it takes for all the orders in the systems and for the technicians at the Telephone Exchange and in the field to do their work. This sometimes involves digging trenches along streets and pavements which requires even more lead time. 

Some examples of lead times

  • PSTN line - up to 7 working days
  • ISDN2 line -  up to 10 working days
  • ISDN 10/20/30 line - 20 to 60 working days

The cost of moving and who does what

Moving can be a mostly exercise but can also be an opportunity to setup your communications in a more future-proof or more productive and streamlined way.  

Site conditions - Is there cabling to each point? Is there cabling to the building main frame? (the box in the building that is the link to all the tenant offices) Is the cabling sufficient for your needs? Are more points required? Is the existing cabling quality damaged or good quality? Will this be a cabled or wireless office? WIll you be using the same technology/hardware at the new site as the old site? We can provide a site inspection to check conditions for you.

Carrier charges - We can provide you with costs on what is involved in moving lines and services through your carrier (ie: Telstra) plus any new costs with any new features you need for your business. We liaise with Telstra and simplify the process for you, managing the project from end to end.

Removal or re-installation of the office phone system - We can organise the removal and disposal/recycling of your old phone system, or coordinate the move of your existing hardware from your old location to the new location (if suitable/compatible at the new site). 

Prices may change without notice. Please contact for the most up to date pricing.