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Business Service Directory & Self Service Tools

This page will help you get through to the right department in Telstra quicker. It's for Telstra Customers on Business plans. Remember you can always still call our local Telstra Business Centre in Geelong on (03) 5246 9900 and we can assist or point you in the right direction. Click here for a printable PDF version of this page.

Self-Service Tools

"My Account" on the web lets you

  • See your individual and team shared Data usage.
  • View your Bills online and unbilled activity before bill release.
  • Request a bill, payment extensions, make payments.
  • Arrange direct debit, consolidate multiple accounts together.
  • Update billing addresses, change bill delivery to paper/email.
  • Access Telstra Customer Loyalty discounts/offers.

How to register for “My Account”

  • Visit on a computer/tablet
  • In the top right hover over ‘My Account’ then select ‘Business Account’
  • Follow the prompts to create your “My Account” online account and password, then login and you’re there!

“Telstra 24x7” App for Mobiles

Download the Telstra 24x7 app to your smartphone to track your individual data usage, pay bills, check contract status, request common tasks and troubleshoot common problems.




Service Directory Guide

Telstra 'My Account' Help

The single best way to manage your account and do common tasks.

  • Password resets and registration assistance: Call 1800 991 205

Billing & Account Enquiries 

  • Questions about your bill: Call 132000
  • Payment extension requests: Call 132000
  • Charge disputes/credit requests: Call 132000
  • Update Billing address: Call (03) 52469900

Mobile/Tablets Help

  • Individual data usage questions: Call 132000
  • Business shared data usage questions: Call 132000
  • Connect a New Number, Upgrade mobiles: Call 132000
  • Need more data for your mobile plan: Call (03) 52469900
  • International Roaming info and to turn on/off: Call 125109 or Click here
  • Need a PUK code for your mobile: Call (03) 52469900 

Internet Help

  • Business Broadband Faults/Technical Support: Call 1800 066 594
  • Bigpond Broadband Faults/Technical Support: Call 133933
  • Mobile Broadband 3G/4G Faults/Technical Support: Call 132999
  • New Broadband connection: Call (03) 52469900
  • Relocation of a broadband connection: Call (03) 52469900

Landline Phone Help

  • Phone Line Faults/Technical Support: Call 132999
  • Moving properties and New Connections: Call (03) 52469900
  • Disconnecting landlines: Call (03) 52469900

Phone System or DOT Help

  • Phone Line Faults/Technical Support: Call (03) 52469900
  • DOT Faults/Technical Support: Call 1800425159
  • NEC Phone System Faults/Technical Support: Call (03) 52469900
  • LG Aria Phone System Faults/Technical Support: Call (03) 52469900

T-Suite/Office 365/Cloud Help

  • T-Suite/Office 365 Technical Support: Call 1800878483 or email 
  • GeoOp Technical Support: Call 1300464366 or 
  • Canvas Technical Support: Call 1300954741 or 
  • Add/remove licenses for Office 365, Canvas, DocuSign, Box, GeoOp or other Apps: Call (03) 52469900