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Business Marketing Solutions

We can offer several solutions that help market your business. Image and brand perception is everything in business, and we have a great range of marketing solutions.

  • Advertising On Hold (Message On Hold)
    • Message playback device (controlled remotely)
    • Professional Recording services (turn a script into professional music and voiceovers)
    • Advertise your products, services, trading hours or other information while callers are on hold
    • Professional recordings for your phone system's menu options when callers ring you
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  • OnQue Vision
    • Turn one or many TV screens/displays into visual marketing in your showroom or shopfront
    • Remotely control images/videos/news/weather information from your computer
    • Create playlists, schedules which control the content pushed out to all your screens
  • Phone Words
    • Make your phone number easier to remember by forming a word eg: 1300 PIZZA or 1300 FINANCE
    • Control where calls go based on caller suburb, time of day or other criteria
    • When customers easily remember your number, they don't need to Google or look up your number and potentially find your competitors.