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Telstra Phone Words

Phone words

How big could your business grow with up to 5.5x more calls?

  • Make your phone number easier to remember by forming a word eg: 1300 PIZZA or 1300 FINANCE
  • Control where calls go based on caller suburb, time of day or other criteria
  • When customers easily remember your number, they don't need to Google or look up your number and potentially find your competitors.


About Telstra Phone Words

Telstra Phonewords can seamlessly connect your customers with the right person every time on just one easy to remember number; improving customer satisfaction, boosting your profile and extending your reach.

A phone word is a 1300 number, 1800 number, or 13 number which spells a word. It is simply the alphanumeric translation of a phone number.  For example, when you dial the phone word 1300 FLIGHT, you are actually dialing 1300 354448. Thousands of Australian businesses, both large and small, are now using phone words as an effective marketing tool to ensure better advertising recall. This number continues to grow with customers strongly associating quality phone words with companies they know and trust.

Phone words are so effective because it is very clear that they are easier to remember than their numeric number counterparts. Overall research concluded that phone words were 5 times more memorable than phone numbers and that 97% of Australian’s are aware of phone words and the concept of alpha numeric dialing.

Benefits of Telstra Phone Words

1. More Calls, More Sales

Phone words increase customer response up to...

More Calls More Sales.jpg

2. Memorable

  • Phone words are 5.5x more memorable than numbers
  • Easy to associate with your brand
  • Easy to associate with your products or services

3. Maximise your Marketing

  • OUTDOORS: Billboards grab attention, but only for a second
  • BRANDING: Vehicle signage is often eye-catching but do you remember the number?
  • RADIO: No one keeps a pen and paper handy when listening to the radio!
  • WORD OF MOUTH: Make it easy for your customers to recommend you
  • TELEVISION: TV advertising is expensive so make your contact details count
  • PRINT: Create a professional look and appear bigger than your competitors 
  • ONLINE: Make it easy for people to find and remember you business when they Google search
Easy to Dial.jpg

4. Easy to Dial

Calling a phone word is easy. Simply look for the keypad number containing the required letter, and press it just once.

Interested in more information?

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