Message On Hold

Make an impression when your customers call

  • Advertise your products, services, trading hours or other information while callers are on hold

  • Professional recording services (turn a script into professional music and voiceovers)

  • Message playback device (controlled remotely)

  • Professional recordings for your phone system's menu options when callers ring you



About Message On Hold

A good on hold service can give your business a highly professional image even if you are working with only one telephone line from your own home office.

Advertise your products and services with scripted and pre-recorded messages designed to inform your customers and increase your sales.

An on hold service is also a good customer service tool, showing your callers that you care about them waiting on hold, and encourages them to stay on the line until you are able to take the call.

You can provide us with a script which is then turned into a professional recording, complete with background music. You can use this recording with your existing phone system or use a dedicated device that allows for remote updates anytime you need them.

OnQue3 Advanced Playback Device - Improve the Experience

As well as professional audio recording facilities for use with your own phone system or playback equipment, we can also assist with the purchase and installation of business-grade playback devices such as the OnQue3.

The OnQue3, by M2 Technology, allows you to store and playback your recordings but also allows for the recording studio to remotely control and update the system at specific times/dates. As an internet-connected device, everything can be done automatically for you in a beautifully built, durable playback device. 

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