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Box is an online collaboration tool designed to help you and your team work together both in and out of the office. It is a single repository of your company documents, photos, videos etc. that can be accessed and worked on while out of the office on either a laptop or your mobile touch device.

box on every device
touch friendly

You can upload common team documents so they can be accessed anywhere (eg: brochures, templates, pricing sheets, customer presentations, spreadsheets, PDFs, Word documents or folders of pictures and videos). You will no longer need to worry about emailing new versions of business documents to staff and trusting that they will replace old out of date data. Just upload your documents to Box and the team can access the files themselves knowing they will always have access to the most up to date data.

box sharing

Touch friendly interface – Box can be accessed through its stylish touch friendly interface on your modern mobile touch devices, tablets, smart phones etc. This touch friendly layout makes working on the road or in front of customers a lot easier without the need to carry around bulky laptops. Box can also be synced to your normal desktop so that you have access to your files in a standard folder on your computer when back in the office.

box reporting

Collaborate and Share with external parties – Box allows you to share files easily both within your organisation and externally you can simply drag and drop files to upload to your Box system. Once uploaded to the Box system you can manage file access with granular level file permissions. You will be in control of who, both internally and externally have access to your important documents. When you invite external parties to collaborate and contribute with your team your links can be password protected and set with expiration dates, you can lock shared files or simply remove access to parties at the completion of a project. You can also review access statistics so you know when and how your important business files are being accessed/shared.

Run Presentations straight from your mobile device – with access to all of your important data at your fingertips you and your staff can easily create and demonstrate presentations straight from box. With the ability to add text documents, PowerPoint slides, videos and much more Box is a powerful mobile presentation solution.

box workflow

Create workflows – Create simple rules with the box platform to automate common tasks within your business. Automate moving files to specific folders or assign specific tasks to approvers. Review tasks can be automatically assigned to reviewers when documents are uploaded. Once tasks are completed move final documents to an ‘Approved’ folder and required staff will be notified.

We are here to help

Our Cloud Team are available to sit down with you to discuss your needs and pricing options to make sure you get the most out of your Box subscription. We can:

  • Simply order the Box licenses for you
  • Assist with onsite or remote setup and configuration of Box
  • Add these services to your existing Telstra fixed line bill
  • Provide onsite or remote Training so you can get the most out of Box