Telstra Business Centre Geelong can help your business improve productivity through the use of technology and apps as seen in this case study. Turfcare and Hire Geelong are now saving thousands of dollars each year!

Business Productivity & Cloud

Telstra Business Centre / Business Product Range 

We have local experts ready to help you on your journey to a more streamlined business. We will meet with you and learn about your business, then show you a more streamlined way of doing things by designing, implementing training and supporting the solution.  

Businesses face similar challenges and leading companies have developed productivity solutions that meet those business challenges. The solutions are generally paid for 'per user' or 'per business' and charged monthly, many without any contracts or commitment. Now technology that used to be only within reach for large corporations, can essentially be 'rented' each month by the smallest of businesses...and can grow on demand when required. 

A list of some of our solutions

Microsoft Office 365

A collection of business solutions by Microsoft that can centralise your emails, calendars, contacts, and documents online, including conferencing and collaboration tools.

Micro Hub

Micro Hub is the ultimate business productivity app. We "build your app" designed specifically for your business. Forms, checklists, and documents can be captured and the output customised. 

GeoOp Job Management

A job management system which uses GPS tracking and online job management to centrally manage all aspects your mobile workforce jobs, using Apps installed on your smartphones/tablets.

Canvas Digital Forms App

Create your own 'Apps' designed to replace paper forms in your business. Install Canvas on your smartphones/tablets and start capturing information, all stored online and easy to access/search

Deputy Rostering & Timesheets

Manage your rosters online, and publish them - automatically notifying your staff of their shifts. Staff complete their timesheets in the Deputy App, using a 'Kiosk' iPad or on the web.

Box Cloud Synced Storage

Centralised your documents to make them accessible almost anywhere and on any device. All employees have permission based access appropriate to their job, and they can create or access/edit documents on their computer, on the web or on their smartphones/ tablet.

DocuSign eSignature Solution

Accept legally binding signatures from anybody on almost any device via the Internet or in person using the smartphone / tablet App. Hardcopy paper signatures are no longer needed, and with automated reminders DocuSign saves you hours. 

Shoeboxed Expense Management

Shoeboxed allows you to take photos of your receipts and expenses and have them electronically (human verified) turned into categorised and exportable data. Integrates with your accounting software. Never forget to claim the GST or an expense ever again!

Zunos Mobile Workforce Manager

Zunos is an "all in one" app that lets your mobile workforce have access to the latest master content (eg: pricelists, brochures etc.), submit custom business forms, communicate with other team members and deploy training and quizzes!

Neto Website & Online Store builder/platform

Use Neto to build your website with a built in powerful online store. Centralise your online and offline inventory to simplify & streamline your sales. Integrate with shipping, eBay, accounting software and more. 

PayPal Here Mobile Payment Capture

Accept credit card payments from your customers using the PayPal Here Card Reader device and solution. Improve cash flow, customer service and reduce paperwork involved with invoices and statements.