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Microsoft Exchange Online

Microsoft Exchange is the global standard for business email, contact and calendars, but is widely unknown by many small and medium sized businesses. This is because Exchange traditionally required the purchase of computer server hardware, software and the associated electricity, real estate, setup and maintenance costs that come with these expensive machines. This put the amazing features of Exchange email out of reach for many smaller businesses. With Exchange Online this is no longer the case. From a single user to large multinational companies, Exchange Online is a product that can help your business communications for a few dollars per user, per month.

Getting Microsoft Exchange from Telstra on Office 365 means the monthly subscription charges go onto your existing Telstra account, so less bills to pay. You also benefit from flexible pricing plans that allow you to increase or decrease the number of users on a month to month basis. 

Automatically synchronise email, calendar and contacts: Having your data stored in the cloud means that you can access a mirror 'synchronised' copy of all of your data on many devices. For example, your Inbox will look the same on all devices and if you read an email on your mobile, it will mark the email as read on your computer. Or if you send an email from your tablet, that email will appear in the ‘Sent Items’ folder on your Mobile and Computer. If you delete some junk mail on one device, it's deleted from all connected your devices). No matter which of your devices you use, your emails, calendar and contacts are the same on all of them, all automatically synchronising in the background. 

Generous email storage: With exchange online you have 50GB of storage (a plan with unlimited Archive storage is also available) for your emails, contacts and calendar. This allows all of your historical emails to be stored securely and accessible online and synchronised onto all of your devices. If you replace your phone or purchase a new computer, you simply add your account with your username and password, then sit back and watch your entire history of emails, calendar and contacts make their way to your new device.

Shared Calendars: Having your calendars stored in the cloud also gives you and your team the ability to share calendars with colleagues. This lets others see your calendar or even add/edit appointments in your calendar (with full user by user permission control). You can even create calendars to "book" or manage meeting rooms, vehicles and other company assets. Knowing when a colleague is free or busy saves you calling/emailing them and improves customer service as you can assign appointments on the spot. 

Store your email data in the cloud: The Exchange system that stores and manages your email, calendar and contacts is securely managed by Microsoft, in a highly reliable data centre. This means you save costs as you don't need a server on-site and don't need to pay the high IT costs associated with managing that server. Most administrative functions (eg: creating a new user, resetting a password) can be done using the online administrator website you have access to. If you lose your computer or mobile, you'll have the peace of mind your data is stored securely online - ready to be access on your replacement computer/mobile. 

Access email everywhere, on any device: You will never have to run back to work to retrieve and old email again. This costs time, money and fuel. With Exchange, you simply pull out your mobile, or log into a website using a browser and you can search and access you entire email history on the spot. This includes your calendar and contacts too. 

Upgrade from POP email: Many businesses still operate on what is called "POP email". This is a very basic email system which is why it's generally offered free or at very low cost by an Internet Service Provider. There are many limitations with POP email that cause headaches for business. POP email generally downloads your email onto one computer, meaning you have to sit at that computer to access your emails. Once an email is on your computer, that is where it stays - so if the computer is damaged, stolen or fails, your important emails are lost forever. As well as that there is no synchronisation, which means you have to delete emails on each device. If you send emails on your mobile, they stay on that mobile forever (so if when you upgrade your mobile or lose it, you've lost all those important sent emails).

Upgrade from Exchange on-site: If you're a business already using an Exchange server onsite, you should consider the benefits of using Exchange Online with Office 365. This includes a financially backed Service Level Agreement with 99.9% uptime guarantee, meaning it's highly available and highly redundant. Migrating your onsite Exchange server to an Office 365 "Exchange Online" server means you no longer need to manage a server, the IT costs with maintenance, upgrades, patches and fixing issues or downtime. With large mailbox sizes, impressive security features, Active Directory synchronisation, and many more features, Exchange Online is a smart decision for most businesses. 

We are here to help

Our Cloud Team are available to sit down with you to discuss your needs and pricing options to make sure you get the most out of your Office 365 Microsoft Exchange subscription. We can:

  • Simply order the licenses for you

  • Complete onsite or remote installation and setup (including mobiles/tablets/computers)

  • Give pricing advice on the best value license costs/packages

  • Add these services to your existing Telstra fixed line bill

  • Migrate your historical emails on your current computer or Exchange server to your new Office 365 Exchange Online system. This can include your calendar and contacts.

  • Assist with using your existing business domain name eg: businessname.com.au or create a brand new professional domain name for your business.

  • Provide onsite or remote Training so you can get the most out of your services. You'll be surprised with what the latest tools will allow your team to achieve

Telstra Business Technology Centre Victoria West are your local Microsoft Office 365 experts in Geelong and the Victoria West region.