Reduce telemarketing calls using the Do Not Call register

A common question we are asked is "How do I stop receiving telemarketing calls?"

If you have a product or service with a company, that company is permitted to contact you about those services. They may be also call youto offer you additional products and services. In any case, you can contact that company and opt out from being contacted by asking them not to contact you again.

Some companies that do not have a prior relationship with you may have found your number in a public directory or are calling random numbers in hope they exist. The Australian Government has setup the Do Not Call register for residential customers. Under the "Do Not Call Register Act 2006", telemarketers can check numbers they are about to call against lists in the register. If a telemarketer calls a number in the register they may be in breach of the Act, and may face penalties.

Visit for more information and to submit your number.

Please not this will not stop all telemarketing calls. Some organisations are exempt from prohibition on making telemarketing calls.