How to Google like a Pro

We do it several times a day, but there are some new and undiscovered ways you can use Google to really narrow down the information you're chasing. Did you know you can add negative keywords so search results exclude certain words, find results for web pages created in a given date range, or have Google scan one particular website for the keywords you're typing?

How to exclude something from your search results

Put a dash before the word you'd like to exclude in your search results. For example if you're doing a Google search for 'cards' and you want to exclude any search results that also have the word 'credit' in it because you're not interested in credit card related search results, simply Google search:

cards -credit

Search for results within a date range, price range or measurements

Type the start year followed by two full stops and then the end year. Google will only bring back results in that date range. For example you might be searching for an article about a particular accident that you believe happened between 2007 and 2009. This excludes results found in years outside that date range. You can do the same with price ranges and measurement ranges. See examples below:

2007..2009 "Geelong accident"
digital slr camera $400..$600

Search for an exact phrase

Place quotation marks around your search phrase, and Google will only return results that have those exact words in that exact order. Without quotation marks, you end up with pages that contain any of those word combinations. So you would Google search:

"the largest free celebration of cultural diversity"
exact searching in google

Searching for pages within only one website

Sometimes you only want official search results from a company's website and not see all the other pages, blogs and articles written about that company on the Internet. Typing the word site: following by the website address will make Google only return search results found on that site. The first example will only show results from Apple's website. The second example will show pages found on The Age newspaper website that contain the word Geelong. how to restart my iPhone 6 geelong

Do some simple maths

Type your equation and watch Google produce the result. A handy calculator appears to allow for further calculations with more advanced functions (eg: log, cos, sin, tan)

64 X 560
75 + 804 + 34 + 2
750 / 12

When there's a word you're unsure of

Sometimes you're searching for a restaurant name, music lyric, place name or other sentence of words but there's one word you're unsure of. Simply replace the word you're unsure of with an asterisk * and this will tell Google to replace that * with anything. The first example returns results to do with "toast to the coast festival geelong". The second example would guess you're searching for information about the song "I would walk 500 miles an hour".

* to the coast festival geelong
"I would walk * miles an hour"

Search for popular hashtags instead of searching each site separately

When you see a # followed by words connected together, this forms a hashtag. Example #melbournesummer is something people might add to photos or posts to do with a Melbourne summer on their Facebook posts, Twitter posts, Instagram posts or other sites that use hash tags. You would normally visit Facebook and search that hashtag and then log onto the Twitter website and search that hashtag, however you can easily use Google to search the hashtag across all the sites using or referencing that hashtag.


Translate sentences into another language

Typing the word 'translate', followed by your sentence, then 'into french' or another language will display your translation in front of you. For popular languages, a little speaker icon appears which you can click to hear how it is said!

translate which direction is the library into french
translate which direction is the library into indonesian
using google translate

Search using your voice instead of typing!

Most computers, smartphones and tablets have a microphone, so as long as you have one and it's turned on, then look for the microphone icon to the right of the Google search box on Click on it and speak to Google. It's a fun way to interact with Google (as long as nobody is watching or listening!)