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Microhub is an App designed to improve productivity in your business. You simply install the Microhub App on your smartphones or tablet and what you see after you log in is a hub of checklists, forms, documents and information relating to your business and your operations. 

It's a completely customisable solution, allowing you to digitise your business.

You simply tell us what you want in your App, and we configure Microhub to perform that same task electronically. Once done, you can complete these tasks almost anywhere on your smartphone or tablet.

Along with checklists, forms, documents and more, Microhub also captures other information such as photos, signatures, GPS location and more. It can also pull information out of existing online systems such as Office 365 SharePoint.

This means your workers, whether in or out of the office, can work without paper, and work more efficiently.

For a demonstration please contact Telstra Business Centre Geelong

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