Mobile Broadband

Why use the Internet just at home or in the office? Telstra's 3G and 4G network gives you the ability to be online anywhere with mobile coverage. That's over 2,000,000 square kilometres right across Australia with the world's fastest mobile Broadband speeds!

Benefits of Mobile broadband

  • Send and receive your email. Download large attachments in a flash
  • Browse personal or business related websites. Connect to your work files, databases, Intranet and more
  • Pay your staff and suppliers with Internet banking. Raise invoices, check stock on hand and other customer information remotely
  • Social networking, live instant messaging and more!
  • No need to use Wi-Fi Hotspots or wait until you get back to the office. It's your own portable Internet connection.

Mobile Broadband devices available

  • USB Modems (plugs into most computers with a USB port)
  • Embedded modems (some laptops or tablets have a built in modem, so we can provide you with just a sim card and data plan) 
  • Portable and Powered Gateways (allow you to use one connection and share with multiple devices)