iPhone or Smartphone playing up?

Smartphones are becoming more and more powerful these days. They are essentially computers in your pocket!

Just like computers, the memory of the device can clog up and your iPhone or Smartphone can slow down, or stop performing altogether. Some issues can be things like:

  • Bluetooth, Wifi or Mobile Data not working
  • Certain Apps freezing or not responding
  • Call quality issues
  • Display/Screen or sound issues
  • The phone working really slowly

A great way to see if it's just a one-off computer glitch is to do a "Soft reset". A soft reset is like restarting your computer... you are just turning your Smartphone off and on.

Most Smartphones can be turned off by pressing and holding down the Power button (the button you normally press to turn your screen on to use your phone). After a while a message should appear asking if you want to turn off or shut down your phone.

Follow the instructions to turn off your phone. To turn it on again, press the Power button for a few seconds until the screen lights up.

Your iPhone or Smartphone should start up and start working again.

This little trick seems to fix most problems experienced with Smartphones!