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Office 365

Office 365 is Microsoft’s collection of business solution products. They can be purchased separately or many can be bundled together for the best value. The Office 365 family of projects allows your business to be more productive, in more places, without having to invest in onsite server hardware/software that normally attract large upfront costs. With Telstra, all the below products are available on a monthly basis, are contract-free and can be paid for on your Telstra bill. 

Our goal is to introduce local businesses to these products and to help you get the most out of them. We can demonstrate how they work, organise a trial for you, help with signup, setup, implementation and even training.

Learn more about each Office 365 product

Microsoft Office ProPlus (Microsoft Office 2016)
A new way to pay for the familiar Desktop software from Microsoft (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher and more). Each license allows you to install on up to 5 computers, ensuring all your devices (and your whole business) are using the latest software. As future versions are released you are eligible to upgrade. More Information.

Microsoft Exchange Online
Your Email, Contacts and Calendar all securely backed up in the cloud on one of the world’s most popular business email systems. Your emails and information are synchronised across all devices automatically, so what you do on one device replicates on all others. Share Calendars, Inboxes and more. More Information.

Microsoft SharePoint Online
An internal website for your team to store your company documents and information, allowing you to access it across all your device, wherever you are. Centralise and simplify your document storage and boost collaboration and productivity. More Information.

Microsoft Teams (Formerly known as Skype for Business)
An Instant messaging, video conferencing and screen sharing application for business. You can see who is at their desk, away or busy at a glance. Microsoft teams installs onto computers, tablets or smartphones and keeps your team in touch. More Information.

Microsoft OneDrive for Business
A personal online storage folder for each person in your business to securely store documents in. Once documents are stored in your OneDrive, you can access them on your other devices easily, with changes synchronised. There is now no storage limit for OneDrive for Business! This solution is similar to DropBox and Google Drive. More Information.

Microsoft Forms

Allows your business to easily create surveys (collect customer feedback, measure employee satisfaction & more) , quizzes (measure knowledge, evaluate progress & more) and polls ( presentation evaluation, take a vote for your next team activity & more). More information.

Microsoft Sway

Create newsletters, presentations and reports in an interactive and visually striking way. It’s an easy-to-use digital storytelling app! More information.


Microsoft Visio Pro
Lets you create advanced and versatile diagrams with ease.

Microsoft Project Online / Project Pro
A flexible online solution for project portfolio management and everyday work. More Information. 

For more information on these and many other cloud solutions email business@stratel.com.au or call us on (03) 5246 9900 to talk to your Local Cloud Specialists at the Telstra Business Technology Centre Victoria West and begin your journey into the cloud!

A brief introduction on Office 365, a collection of both Microsoft Software and Microsoft Online solutions that work together to boost productivity in your business.

Telstra Business Technology Centre Victoria West are your local Microsoft Office 365 experts in Geelong and the Victoria West region.