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Our Telstra Business Technology Centre Victoria West is a local market leader in the design, implementation and support of small, medium and large-scale office phone systems. 

Telstra's "Telstra Business Systems" (TBS) provides packages that bundle attractive call plans with quality phone system hardware with various payment options (Outright, Rental, Lease) as an end to end solution with a single bill from one provider. 

Our Office Phone System solutions include

  • Consultation, design, and advice from our dedicated phone system team.

  • A new phone system chosen by you from our comprehensive range of brands (Eg: Ericsson-LG).

  • A choice of Telstra calling plans to suit your business needs.

  • Local support to provide cabling, installation, training and technical support so you only have to deal with one provider.

  • Flexible payment options including Outright, Repayment options or finance (to approved customers) with low or zero upfront fees.

  • An easy to understand Telstra bill for your calls, phone system repayments and add-ons such as maintenance.

  • Technical support provided 24/7 should you ever need it.

Modern features for modern businesses

Just as mobile phones have revolutionised portable business communication, the latest office phone systems offer amazing new innovative modern features that improve productivity for your business. 

  • IP Telephony capability - utilises Internet connectivity instead of traditional phone lines

  • ISDN, PSTN and SIP line technology - to work on the best infrastructure available

  • Call centre management software - use computers to manage queues, overflow, transfer rules, call statistics

  • Intelligent transfer - using business rules, calls can divert to groups, individuals or other branches for capturing every opportunity

  • Video Calling capability - to reduce travel costs and improve face to face communications between teams

  • Integrated Voicemail - streamlines voicemail delivery to the device or email address of your choice

  • Internal call management - internal call transfer, internal dialling, group/team dialling and other convenient features.

Our dedicated team of office phone system specialists will find the right system for any business size. We are your local phone system VOIP and unified communication specialists in the Greater Geelong and Victoria West region.  

Project Management from start to finish

Whether you're relocating a phone system from one site to another, or introducing a new system to your business, our team of project managers are experts in their field. They manage the Telstra infrastructure ordering/changes, the ordering of all the hardware and software for your phone system, booking in our technicians for cabling and installation and coordinate training and support. We have dedicated staff to manage phone system projects due to their complexity to and to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. 

Business Marketing integration

We have an amazing range of business marketing options that link your communications products and services to key marketing messages to your customers. These can be used to inform customers about solutions you provide they may not be aware of, or inform them about common questions to avoid the need for a team member to assist in the first place (eg: provide trading hours if this is the most commonly asked question).

Some innovative marketing products

  • Message on Hold audio production - We can professional record (with voice actors and background music) messages that play to your customers while they are on hold after calling you.

  • Ad On Caller Tone - Callers hear your advertising message instead of the traditional 'ring ring' sound.

  • Phone Words - Organise an easy to remember phone word (eg: 1300 BUSINESS) so your number is easier to remember than your competitors

  • Radio Ad audio production - Use professional recorded audio for your next radio commercial with great voice actor options (male or female) and background music and sound effects.

  • Websites, Video Production and more - Boost your online presence and social media impact with quality looking videos and animations!