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Microsoft Project Online

Microsoft Project Online, combined with Microsoft Project Pro is the ultimate tool for Project Managers. It allows you to plan and manage your projects from start to finish, measuring budgets, schedules and resources. Microsoft Project Pro is the traditional desktop software used in the Project Management industry, but you can combine that with Project Online for a centralised cloud based project management environment so your team can centrally access all information relating to the project live. 

Stay Organised - List all your key tasks, and highlight which tasks are the most critical for project success. Task Path highlight in the Gantt Chart is the perfect way to see what is the most important component to the project's success. You can create a Project site in Office 365 or SharePoint in as little as a few minutes. From there you can share information with your project team members so everyone is organised and up to date. 

Deliver Projects successfully - Project managers can use the powerful reporting tools of Microsoft Project to gain visibility of resources and other information, or create custom reports that look and feel like a familiar Excel spreadsheet. This makes it easy to update key project stakeholders on the components of the project that matter to them the most. 'Team Planner' helps you forecast problems before they start affecting the project schedule. 

Improve Everyday Collaboration - By storing information centrally on Project Online, your project is in the cloud requiring no on-site server infrastructure. This means project information is accessible on any internet-connected computer. This allows your team to collaborate more easily, and with built-in integration with Lync, you can start conversations about project tasks right from within Project Online and get those updates and answers quicker than ever. 

Watch the below video to learn more about Project Online.

Microsoft Project Online centralises your Project Management into one place, for easy and collaborative access to all your team.