Read about how Bay City Events in Geelong has used Sharepoint to transform their business.

Read about how Bay City Events in Geelong has used Sharepoint to transform their business.

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Microsoft SharePoint Online

SharePoint is one of the Office 365 products that can significantly change the way your business works, both in and out of the office. If your business creates/edits documents or works with lists of data, then read on to learn about how SharePoint can revolutionise your business! 

SharePoint is a private website for your team. You store documents (Word docs, Excel Spreadsheets, PDFs, images, etc.) and lists of information (Phone numbers, Sales orders, Tasks, Issues, etc.) on SharePoint and use new features and tools to work with that information. All you need are computers, mobile devices and an Internet connection. No physical servers are required, making the management of your documents and IT easier than ever before.

Centrally storing and working with documents makes running your business easier and more productive.

Upload and Centralise your work documents: You can upload common team documents so they can be accessed anywhere (eg: brochures, templates, pricing sheets, customer presentations, spreadsheets, PDFs, Word documents or folders of pictures). You will no longer need to worry about emailing new versions of business documents to staff and trusting that they will replace old out of date document data. Just upload your documents to SharePoint and the team can self-serve knowing they will always have access to the most up to date document.

Secure, central access to documents: SharePoint is only accessible with a username and password per user. This security also allows you to section off parts of your SharePoint site so that only specific team members or groups can access parts of the site relative to them. You can zone off parts of your site for Managers or separate parts according to specific projects. Permission control gives you the flexibility to build the SharePoint site to your business needs. The customisation options are very impressive, allowing you to make it your own - or we can help make it for you. 

Open and Edit the same Word or Excel document at the same time using SharePoint Co-Authoring.

Collaborate on documents together and in brand new ways: SharePoint allows you to co-author documents at the same time. Imagine several people working on an Excel spreadsheet or Word document, all at the same and all in different locations. See who changed what and when. Get feedback on documents. Everything you do works off the one central master version of the file, stored on your SharePoint website - no more emailing back and forth and version conflicts or dramas.

Custom Lists allow you to make your own digital forms on your SharePoint website.

Create Custom Online Lists to track information: SharePoint allows you to create custom lists which allow you to replace paper forms and spreadsheets with 'Sharepoint Custom Lists'. Use this feature to capture information easily and effectively. Track Orders, Feedback, Service requests, Tasks, Projects, or other lists of information. This allows you to replace paper forms in your business and store the information centrally. 

Centralise and Sync your Calendar & Contacts: Create company-wide Calendars and contact lists so your whole team can keep up to date and access that important information without having to chase around the company for the one person who knows how to contact a particular customer or department.

Add Apps to your SharePoint site (built in or third party) to truly customise your team website.

Expand SharePoint with Apps: With a long list of “out of the box” apps you can use on your SharePoint site, and the ability to install 3rd party apps, you can truly customise SharePoint for your business and use it more and more for your business operations. 

Email Alerts, Sharing: You can set up email alerts, so when a colleague adds or changes a file or list of information, you're sent an email alert - meaning the alert arrives in your Inbox without you needing to log into the site. You can also Sharing to send a link to an internal or external party so people can view documents/information inside your SharePoint site.  This reduces the need to email documents anymore and everyone works off the one central system. 

Site Pages allow you to create Staff Intranet style pages to help group and categorise information for your staff.

Create Site Pages: This enables you to make SharePoint your company's "Intranet" - a private website for your team to access documents and information, from HR Policies, Annual Leave application forms, Health & Safety and Training/Induction information. With highly customisable site pages you can create a page with your company branding, a different page for each department to group what's important to them and much more. 

Getting Microsoft SharePoint from Telstra on Office 365 means the monthly subscription charges go onto your existing Telstra account, so less bills to pay. You also benefit from flexible pricing plans that allow you to increase or decrease the number of users on a month to month basis. 

We are here to help

Our Cloud Team are available to sit down with you to discuss your needs and pricing options to make sure you get the most out of your Office 365 Microsoft SharePoint subscription. We can:

  • Simply order the licenses for you

  • Give pricing advice on the best value license costs/packages

  • Add these services to your existing Telstra fixed line bill

  • Onsite or remote design, configuration and management of your SharePoint site

  • Full SharePoint site customisations tailored to your business.

  • 'SharePoint Starter Pack' which is a base site created with popular areas, lists and functions so you're ready to use SharePoint immediately.

  • Provide individual or team onsite or remote training so you can get the most out of your services. Learn how to create, edit and use SharePoint. You'll be surprised with what the latest tools will allow your team to achieve

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