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SIP Connect is a voice plan that run over the top of a Telstra Next IP network connection, and are available to new and existing Telstra Business Systems (TBS) customers only.

TBS SIP Connect plans offer a single monthly price-point that includes;

  • A bundle of Voice Line Extensions (VLE’s) – phone lines

  • All voice carriage access costs, and

  • A range of included call types (excluding calls to premium numbers and IDD calls)

The longer the contract term and/or the more Voice Line Extenstions in your TBS SIP Connect plan, the more value you will receive.

Features of SIP Connect

  • You can choose your contract length, you must select from a 1, 2 or 3 year contract length

  • You can choose the number of voice line extensions required for each site (from 2+ to 40+).

  • Additional 1+ voice line extensions can be taken as an add-on.

  • Monthly spend includes:

    • Local calls

    • National long distance (STD) calls

    • Calls from your fixed line to mobiles

    • All to standard numbers while in Australia

  • Installation fee is waived when connecting to a 3 year contract term (otherwise charged at $500)

Business Benefits

  • Simple, all inclusive price helping to give budget certainty to customers

  • Foreseeable value in longer terms offers

  • Flexible plan options

  • Fulfilling needs for a SIP Connect offer from Telstra

Pricing may change without notice. Please contact us the most up to date pricing.