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WiFi for Business

WiFi for Business utilises a wireless local area network and is particularly useful in large buildings or more obscure office spaces. It provides access to one network across multiple physical sites, so no matter where you are you always get a consistently strong and fast internet connection! The business-grade WiFi gets the right signal to the right places so employees can roam around your office or to different floors without losing their connection.

You can also easily control and manage the network centrally to see how much data is used, who is connected to your network and easily add employees without the need to run cables and wires. It also allows your business to provide secure wireless internet access for guests such as customers or business partners which is particularly valuable for public-facing workplaces like restaurants and retailers.

WiFi for Business Benefits

  • Control your WiFi and see who is using it, block anything that shouldn’t be there, view how much data each device is using and throttle the speeds on certain devices if required.

  • Improve WiFi signal even for those hard to reach spaces at your workplace, a strong and consistent signal means you never have to switch between networks or plug in network cables.

  • Ensure your business is using an up-to-date router; recent generation WiFi provides faster speeds and a better quality signal to your modern devices.

  • Provide guests with controlled access to your WiFi network where you can keep them separate for security purposes, limit their download or upload speeds and control their access via passwords or single-use tokens.

  • Centrally manage multiple areas/sites/locations from one web console; employees can roam seamlessly across different areas or locations without needing to remember multiple network passwords. Or perhaps you would like to run multiple WiFi networks with different rules, passwords and settings - it is all easily manageable through the one web console.

  • Quickly view reports with graphs and charts that easily give you all the information you need, whether it’s seeing who is currently on the network, peak usage, inspecting drop outs to find the reasons why (eg: radio interference) or graphically see where people are connected with what device and to which wireless access points. It’s all available at your fingertips!

The user interface of the web console used to manage the network is very user friendly, see the screenshot examples below!